From day one, UBT was responsive and timely in setting up our copier contract and negotiations were fair and painless; within two days we had a signed agreement.  The customer service that we receive is top notch... I highly recommend UBT to anyone looking for a copier service provider.

Theresa Ryan
Director of Administration and HR
Propane Education & Research Council

UBT performed a Total Cost of Ownership and through this process were able to pinpoint where we could reduce costs, update technology and simplify our support.

Billy Parker
Facilities Manager

UBT has been a trusted partner of ULI for over a decade. Their customer service and advice during this time has been outstanding and has served our organization well.

Tim Cooper
Senior Vice President/HR
Urban Land Institute

Service to the devices, easy billing, and inventory management are all areas where UBT excels. We couldn’t be happier.

Zachary West
Senior Helpdesk Technician
James G. Davis Construction