Understanding Waste In Order to Save on Print


Print waste is real, and that's something most business managers already know. From pages that are thrown away to unused consumables, printing supplies to repair costs, printing is expensive.

Add in the value of employee time spent troubleshooting printers, ordering supplies, and working on general print oversight, and you might be astounded by the costs.

To fix these costs, looking into the waste will show you where there are savings to be found.

Improve ROI with a Well-Matched MFP


Printers in today’s workplace are incredibly different from 30 years ago. Some features improve workflows in addition to creating better quality, output, and speed.

Also, security has become a major checkpoint for printers. With new, ever-adapting ways to protect your information, printers are also a critical component of a comprehensive security plan.

UBT's ColorFALL Showcase

UBT's ColorFALL Showcase

Thursday, November 14th, 2019
11:00am to 3:00pm

Featuring demonstrations of the latest Canon production digital presses, multifunction devices, and wide format printers, along with security and software solutions to help you reduce costs and streamline your office workflow, while securing and safeguarding your data.

Attendees will be entered to win a 3-Day Nemacolin Getaway, $500 Tysons Corner Shopping Spree, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa Show, 65” TV, and more great prizes!

How Production Print Increases Marketing ROI

Production Printers

When you get marketing materials in the mail, what do you do with them? Sometimes, you may recycle them, but you almost always read them, right?

Printed materials still have a significant ROI for marketing, so it's not something you want to ignore. Now more than ever though, it seems that it's costly for companies to print high volumes of materials, or to print large or uniquely shaped mailings.

4 Fiscal Benefits of Outsourcing Print

managed print

Managed print is a service that flashed onto the market a few years ago. As it becomes more prevalent, some businesses may have overlooked the available service and what it can do for your business.

Managed print services have expanded, become more advanced and easy to use, and made some significant strides in saving companies money.

Are you wondering if you can get in on the deals? Read on for more on the financial savings involved with rediscovering this efficient service.

Pros and Cons of Managed Print Services

managed print services

Printing is a critical function of most offices, but it can also be an expensive aspect of a company that can even become unproductive and wasteful. Outsourcing print to managed print services has the potential to cut costs while increasing productivity. As any manager would, you may want to understand the pros and cons first.

UBT Welcomes New President, COO

Stu Wise

GAITHERSBURG, MD, September 5, 2019 - United Business Technologies (UBT), Washington and Baltimore's largest independent document imaging company handling Canon, Xerox, HP and Toshiba products, with additional direct service facilities in New York and Los Angeles, named Stu Wise its President, Chief Operating Officer on Tuesday.

Stu Wise comes to UBT after having spent 35 years with ComDoc, one of the largest Global/Xerox dealerships at $170 million in annual revenue.  Stu held various positions at ComDoc from Sales Representative to Sales Manager to Vice President of Sales to Regional President responsible for three separate geographic markets in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  

In his new role as President, COO at UBT, Stu will be responsible for all field operations including sales, service, and operations personnel.  Armen Manoogian, UBT’s Chief Executive Officer, as well as UBT’s ownership and staff, look forward to Stu’s leadership and experience in shaping UBT’s future while continuing to grow the company.

Essential Printer Considerations


As an office manager, business owner, or IT professional, you are aware that data security is a new priority across networks and office equipment.

Why Businesses are Switching to In-House Production Print

production print

The most successful businesses are continually making changes to improve efficiencies and money management. Does that describe your business? 

Even if it does, there are often aspects of a business that are ripe for improvements that you may not have thought about. For example, an office print environment is something that is ignored when making cost improvements but can be an area of significant savings. 

Critical Value IT Services

IT security

Your critical value services are those that are essential to operations. IT services are one such value – without technology, you can’t operate, communicate, or get ahead in business. 

Specialized IT Teams

That’s where specialized IT comes in. Imagine that you can outsource the more substantial aspects of security, disaster recovery, and helpdesk support.