the benefits of having a uniFLOW output manager

Whether you own a small business, or a large one, having an output manager capable of doing all the multitasking for you is a very attractive trait. Created by Canon U.S.A, Inc., uniFLOW was created with two main priorities in mind: saving your organization time and money. What more can you ask for? All on one platform, uniFLOW is capable of making your business run a lot smoother.

MFP's are Great for Business

A Multifunction Printer (MFP) combines a printer, a copier, a scanner and fax into one, easy-to-use device.

Every business has a need for printed documents and the ability to scan, fax and copy documents. That is why offices contain a printer fleet with different devices to perform these tasks

The great thing about an MFP is that you only need one device to complete all of the tasks at hand.

Managed Print Services Help You Cut Back on Printing

Business owners have many duties they must perform in order to have a successful business.

One of these duties is to manage budgets and keep track of areas where there can be cut backs.

One area that many business owners and managers overlook is printing.

In fact, 90% of companies do not track how much they spend on printing on a monthly or annual basis.

IT Services for Your Business

As a business owner you have a plate full responsibilities and there's a never-ending need to research and integrate new solutions in your company.

To stay on track and have a thriving business there are certain goals that must be met.

These goals include:

Be Prepared for Disaster

Preparation is one of the most vital things a business owner can do for his company. You need to be prepared for whatever possibilities may come your way. There are many natural disasters that can occur and wipe out everything in your office.

Natural disaster such as:

• Hurricane

• Tornado

• Flood

• Tsunami


• Cyclone

• Landslide

• Earthquake

Discover the Capabilities of a New Printer

If you are a business owner then you know the changes businesses are currently going through to help productivity and work flow.

One of the things businesses are choosing to do is to through away all of the paper and go completely digital. Many people say digital is the only way to go and there are those who say print is dead and the digital age is here so embrace it.

The Importance of a Well-Running Network

As a business owner you have certain goals for your company. Among the long list of goals there is productivity and profitability.

Many things are needed to help you conquer these two goals including and two of the most important components are:

• Hard working employees who are able and willing to do their jobs

• Happy customers who are eager to continue to purchase your products and services

Online Storage

While running a business you are entrusted with information from clients, business partners, and your own personal business files.