Why Businesses are Switching to In-House Production Print

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The most successful businesses are continually making changes to improve efficiencies and money management. Does that describe your business? 

Even if it does, there are often aspects of a business that are ripe for improvements that you may not have thought about. For example, an office print environment is something that is ignored when making cost improvements but can be an area of significant savings. 

Critical Value IT Services

IT security

Your critical value services are those that are essential to operations. IT services are one such value – without technology, you can’t operate, communicate, or get ahead in business. 

Specialized IT Teams

That’s where specialized IT comes in. Imagine that you can outsource the more substantial aspects of security, disaster recovery, and helpdesk support. 

3 Reasons Budget-Savvy Corporations Switch to Managed Print

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Managed print can sometimes be overlooked as an ‘extra’ that’s not as essential to your office. However, it’s one of the services that once you have operating, you wouldn’t do without.

Budget savvy businesses know that outsourcing the right things means you can actually focus on building your product and services. Here, we address the top three reasons why businesses that have solid budget practices often make the knowledgeable investment in managed print services.

Time to Address Document Security

document security

Sometimes, turnover in businesses is a good thing – it helps the company to recognize how to update processes or make positive changes just by having a new perspective. But constant changes in personnel can take a toll on staff and morale.

What if you could add that perspective without the turnover though? By continually staying updated on advancing office practices, you can easily make changes with your tenured staff.

Scanning Tips for Small Business

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Small businesses need access to digital documents just like large businesses. Also, for many small businesses, space is extremely precious, as is security.

How do these topics go together? In creating a digital workplace using your Xerox, Canon, HP, or Toshiba scanner, you'll address all of these issues with one major answer - reliable scanning.

UBT Can Help

Document scanning can help businesses to:

IT Security Starts with Managed Services

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Do you wake up in the middle of the night worried about tech security? Maybe not, but if you haven't taken every precaution to be proactive about hacks, breaches, data theft, and phishing, you should be concerned.

IT security is huge and can be the downfall of many businesses. A hack can impact reputation, clients, employees, and business data.

Why Managed Print Works in Education

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Every school system in our country uses some type of structured print environment to communicate with teachers, administration, parents, and students. While printing is essential, it can be chaotic or complex when it doesn't have to be.

Budgets are tight in schools, which means that any print solution needs to stay within the bounds of affordable and efficient. That's why managed print might be the answer for your educational institution.

5 Ways Multifunction Printers Boost Workflow

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If you're on the fence about bringing your print environment into one multifunction machine, it's time to do a little more research to see just how it can make a huge difference in productivity and business.

The Pros of Leasing a Xerox Copier


Buying critical office equipment like copiers and printers is a major investment, and can seem like a big upfront payment. With continually advancing technology, you may also realize that your copier can be outdated quickly.

This is normal for making any major purchase (like a car, of course), but there are other solutions if you want to manage big investments and your company dollars differently. Leasing a Xerox copier or printer is a great option - read on for a summary of the pros of leasing instead of buying.


3 Ways Managed IT Makes Your Nonprofit Better

non profit

Operating a nonprofit organization is hard work, but very rewarding. While there are challenges to running a small business, they can sometimes be compounded by a nonprofit - there are different laws, systems, and functionality. However, new office operating solutions can make running your nonprofit easier and just as exciting as it should be.