The Truth Behind Multifunction Printers

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One of the most popular themes in all of science fiction is the classic "machines in society" story. While these particular tales usually end in an eruption of technological chaos, it is no longer exclusively in sci-fi movies that we see machines as part of our everyday lives. Cell phones are responsible for everything from note-keeping to gaming. Computers interact with us on a complex and productive level. And, in the business world, a unique focus has been placed on printers; clearly, we've come to rely constantly on these machines for everyday tasks.

Is Managed Print Right for Your Company?

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Let's face it: no matter how much we rely on our phones, computers, tablets, and touch-pads, it will always be printer technology that we turn to at the end of the day. Printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and anything else that works with paper--we need these machines to conduct the simplest of everyday tasks. We rely on print technology for communication, file keeping, note taking, and almost everything else that we could do with a piece of paper. As a result, we're all looking for ways to take care of our printers--and that's where a managed print service provider comes in.

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Tell us a little about yourself:  I've been married for 28 years and have 2 children and just became a grandpa this month!  I've also been in the industry for over 20 years.

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Choosing the Right Copier

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For such simple pieces of everyday technology, copiers are extremely important. They are crucial parts of communication, information flow, customer support--you name a job or task, and a copier is likely to be necessary somewhere along the line. It is because of this importance that choosing a copier feels like such a huge task. Especially with the not-so-helpful opinions found all over the Internet, searching through the various kinds of copiers can seem like wandering through an endless maze.

Choosing Managed Services

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Every business, from the largest brand-name Goliath to the smallest hometown start-up, is likely banking a lot of what they do on the miracles of technology. Computers, printers, Internet connections, and mobile devices are quickly becoming the technological keystone of business itself. Since we all know that tech of any kind has a tendency to act up when we most need it to work properly, having computers and mobile devices at the heart of our companies means that we need a quick and efficient way to both avoid problems and solve current ones.

Employee Highlight: David Sheehan

Highlight: Receiving the 2014 Operations employee of the year award and attending the Presidents Club trip to Cancun, Mexico.

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Let's Go Canon Shopping

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What kind of Canon printer should you get?

Manage Your Office from the Inside Out

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Have you ever been looking for something in your office and you mentally think "search feature," but then you remember that it only exists in the virtual world? Maybe it's time to move some of your piles you have to search through into the virtual world. That's where document management enters. It can help you transition from file cabinets to an almost no search time situation!

A document storage and retrieval transformation.

There are three main ways that document management transforms your office on the document level.

Managed IT to the Rescue

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The average phone hold time is 15 and half minutes. That's long enough for your customer to get frustrated. It's long enough for him to forget why he's calling you. It's long enough for him to take his business somewhere where he feels they'll prioritize him.

Your customer does not want to compete with technology issues. Your employee should never have to face the decision: do I give the customer quality service, or do focus on the glaring IT needs?

You can do BOTH when you hire a team specifically cut out for managed IT work.

How To Make Your Office Greener

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The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. That's a crazy amount of paper! How can businesses dramatically reduce paper costs and build a greener office? The answer: document management software. Besides saving money on printing, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency -- you can go paperless and help preserve the environment.