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Tips and Tricks: Using Secure Print for Windows

Secure Print is a function that enables you to protect confidential documents from other users. To use secure print, you must enter a PIN/password to start a print job. The PIN/password is first set at your desktop prior to sending the print job to the machine.

1.      To set the password for the document to print complete the following steps:

Disaster can happen

Nobody thinks that disaster will happen to them. It is good to be hopeful but it is also good to be prepared because unfortunately they happen not matter how much we hope and pray that they never do.

Disasters come in many different forms and instances. Whether it’s a natural disaster or if it is an occurrence that is detrimental to your business.

MFPs are Great for Business

Businesses have a great need for printing quality documents. They also have a need for copying, scanning and faxing. That is why most companies have office equipment to perform these duties.

If you work in a business office then you know the great importance of having a fax machine, a copier, a printer and a scanner. These things are used on a daily basis by companies all over America.

Network Downtime is Bad for Business

As a modern company you implement the use of many technologies to give your business a boost. Technology is great it speeds up business process that used to take days to complete, now you can complete them within hours.

Technology has done so much for businesses and opened up many doors.

Tips and Tricks: Using N on 1

N on 1 is a Copy feature that enables you to output multiple scanned originals or two-sided originals on one sheet of paper. This is a great use for flyers, handouts, or copying the front and back of a check for your records. You can select 2, 4, or 8 scanned originals to arrange on the page and interchange between the document feeder and the platen glass.

Get Rid of the FIling Cabinet

Documents, every business has them and a lot of them! Many companies choose to store their documents and files in a filing cabinet.

Filing cabinets take up space, costs money and make it hard to locate, store and secure files properly.

That is why there are companies that are choosing to store their files electronically instead by using services such as document management.

The Importance of High Quality Print Materials

Many times, the first impression you make with a potential client is with print marketing materials, proposals, or estimates. To ensure this impression is a good one, it’s wise to invest in high-quality printers and copiers for your business.

Tips and Tricks: Using Job Build

Job build is a Copy and Scan & Send feature that allows you to scan multiple originals that there are too many of to be placed at once, by dividing them into batches. You are able to interchange between the document feeder and the platen glass.

To utilize this feature complete the following steps

1.      Press [Copy]

2.      Press [Options] > [Job Build] >Press [Close].

Think of Trash Differently: Interesting Ways to Reuse Would-Be Waste

Feel like you’re constantly emptying the office trash or recycling bins? There might be other uses for your trash that you’ve never thought of. Check out the following lists for ways you can save space in the landfill and money in your bank account by reusing and repurposing common office waste.