Network Assessments

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Initial Assessment

UBT provides you the necessary tools to improve upon your Information Technology environment to realize cost savings year after year. 

UBT can help you control and maximize the return on your IT budget. Our program provides our customers the following benefits: streamline operations, reduce costs, improve efficiency, maximize profit, minimize waste, and devote talent to core business instead of overhead.
  • Safeguard your information and customer data.
  • The ability to develop an improved business relationship with your consumer base through core talent focusing on major initiatives instead of basic IT functions.
  • Build and follow a road-map to achieve future initiatives.
  • Establish your business as progressive and forward-thinking in the industry.
UBT will begin by helping you rate your current environment on factors such as security, service delivery and management cost and workflow efficiencies. Our 4-step process will take our customers from assessment through implementation and optimization.

Step 1: Assess

Using non-intrusive tools, UBT will work with you to gain 100% insight into your current technology environment. 
Our unique process will include: 
  • Discussing your business IT objectives and concerns
  • A quick network scan that does not require any software or agent installation
  • An Executive Summary that will provide you with an overview of the devices on the network along with a network Risk Score and analysis of each potential issue. We will be prepared to review this document with you, discuss in detail the findings, answer your questions and provide specific recommendations.

Step 2: Design

Based on the findings of our assessment, UBT will work with you to design a strategic plan to accomplish your business objectives.

Step 3: Implement

Once an agreed upon strategy is in place, UBT will begin implementation of that strategy while simultaneously providing predictable billing via one all-inclusive invoice.

Step 4: Manage

After implementation, UBT will continue to work with you and to ensure you reach future goals and initiatives by providing ongoing quarterly reviews and assessments.

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