Canon Printer Maryland

Leasing Copiers and MFPs in Maryland

Canon Printer Maryland

Looking for a new copier or multi-functional printer (MFP)? Make sure you look at all of the options available, specifically when it comes to buying or leasing. Many people think that they have to purchase equipment, but that is simply not true, and leasing offers so many advantages.

Productivity Tips: Low Supply Alerts

Canon Printer Maryland

What is your idea of productivity? It may seem like a straightforward question, but in reality, "productivity" looks a little different to all of us. Take a moment to imagine the most productive day possible. Is everyone at their desks and working? Are phones ringing nonstop? Are file cabinets overflowing with the info for brand-new customers who just discovered your company today? No matter what productivity looks like to you, there are certain things that must be done in order to achieve that high level of success and efficiency.

Let's Go Canon Shopping

Canon Printer Maryland

What kind of Canon printer should you get?

Employee Highlight: Kevin Moran

New York PrintersHometown:  Western Maryland

Tell us a little about yourself:  I am an HP certified printer and have been in the HP printer industry for 20 years.  I have been working with UBT for 9 years.  

Employee Highlight: Sherelle Vaughn

Hometown: Clinton, MD

Tell us a little about yourself: I have been with UBT for 21 years now. I took on a new position about 4 years ago as the Sr. Sales Administrator. I particularly enjoy this business, and the challenges that go along with it. My strength is my attention to detail. I pride myself on my reputation for following through. When I commit to doing something I make sure it gets done.  

Years at UBT: 21

10 Things to Consider when hiring a Managed Services Provider

10 Things to ConsiderWith the rapid changes in technology over the past five years, there are ten new things to consider when selecting a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to include:

  1. Contract structure to suit your organization
  2. Financial recourse if the level of service fails to be met
  3. Account credit during transitional period 

Read more to see the full list compiled by our partner, ARGroup: 10 Things to Consider when hiring a Managed Services Provider.

For further information on UBT and ARGroup's IT Services, please visit Managed IT.

The Features That Set Home Business Printers Apart

Do you have a small office or maybe a home office? If so, you may have struggled when it came to getting a printer that delivered the performance you need without taking up too much space or requiring too much of your budget. A recent release by Canon is the Maxify, a compact, high-quality printer.

All the Best Features

Both home users and business users can appreciate the features that make heavy-duty printing and copying convenient, so that you can get work done. So what makes this new printer so great?

Employee Highlight: Terence Matthews

Meet UBT's employee Terence Matthews!

Hometown: Southern Maryland

Tell us a little about yourself: I have spent over twenty years in the imaging systems industry where I've served in many strategic leadership positions including Sales Representative, Copier and Facsimile Sales Manager, Copier Imaging Divisional Manager and Vice President. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina State University in 1990, earing a dual degree in Business Management and Economics.

Years at UBT: 12

Tips and Tricks: Using Secure Print for Windows

Secure Print is a function that enables you to protect confidential documents from other users. To use secure print, you must enter a PIN/password to start a print job. The PIN/password is first set at your desktop prior to sending the print job to the machine.

1.      To set the password for the document to print complete the following steps:

canon offers free applications for mobile printing