Production Printers

5 Ways Production Print Boosts Marketing


Investing in a production printer used to sound crazy. There were print shops, processes for ordering, and honestly – more time to work on projects.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to consider it an excellent investment to review print proofs, change the order of the queue, pay extra for rush, and support huge print runs at a large print shop when you could bring it in house for what works out to be a fraction of the cost in the long run.

True or False: Color Sells Construction Projects

Close up horizontal photo of colleagues interior designers working with color swatches palette and blueprint, planning discussing together creative occupation concept banner for website header design

Okay, this is a real quiz. True or false? Is color an extravagant addition that isn't necessary? Or is it eye-catching and promotional for any business, especially construction companies?

The answer is TRUE: color sells construction projects. Why? Because the success of a good construction company is in communication. Color conveys ALL aspects of a building project clearly and without question. Clients see quality, specifics, and details when companies provide enough information using color printing.

How Production Print Increases Marketing ROI

Production Printers

When you get marketing materials in the mail, what do you do with them? Sometimes, you may recycle them, but you almost always read them, right?

Printed materials still have a significant ROI for marketing, so it's not something you want to ignore. Now more than ever though, it seems that it's costly for companies to print high volumes of materials, or to print large or uniquely shaped mailings.

Why Businesses are Switching to In-House Production Print

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The most successful businesses are continually making changes to improve efficiencies and money management. Does that describe your business? 

Even if it does, there are often aspects of a business that are ripe for improvements that you may not have thought about. For example, an office print environment is something that is ignored when making cost improvements but can be an area of significant savings.