Scanning Tips for Small Business

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Small businesses need access to digital documents just like large businesses. Also, for many small businesses, space is extremely precious, as is security.

How do these topics go together? In creating a digital workplace using your Xerox, Canon, HP, or Toshiba scanner, you'll address all of these issues with one major answer - reliable scanning.

UBT Can Help

Document scanning can help businesses to:

The Pros of Leasing a Xerox Copier


Buying critical office equipment like copiers and printers is a major investment, and can seem like a big upfront payment. With continually advancing technology, you may also realize that your copier can be outdated quickly.

This is normal for making any major purchase (like a car, of course), but there are other solutions if you want to manage big investments and your company dollars differently. Leasing a Xerox copier or printer is a great option - read on for a summary of the pros of leasing instead of buying.


Xerox Apps that Save Time and Money


Xerox is today’s top copy and print supplier and for good reason – the company has partnered with tech across platforms to build accessible apps that any user or employee of any background can use.

Unlike some tech advances that make operations more complicated, Xerox has full suites of applications that are connected to popular software that employees are already familiar with to make adaptations and training quick and painless.


Xerox Steps it Up with New Apps

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Your business can now connect with staff across software platforms using the new apps for Xerox ConnectKey devices. The apps are easy to buy and implement using the website, and your employees will be able to address client relations and workflow using these advanced technologies.

What is ConnectKey?

ConnectKey is the Xerox integration platform that makes it possible to bring together a variety of network programs and your office devices.