Copier Question: Color or No Color?

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A successful company is built on good decisions. A lot of those decisions have to do with paper and ink--and one of the biggest decisions that any company has to make is how to organize its fleet of printers and copiers. Although the focus is mostly on printers, copiers deserve attention too; after all, in order for a copier to be beneficial to workflow, we first must decide between color copies or black and white copies.

To Color, or Not To Color?

Generally, there is no question as to whether or not we'd like to make color copies. Color copies can be beneficial in plenty of ways--they look professional, they attract the eye, and often they convey images or ideas more clearly. The real question, though, is whether or not it's financially clever to have a color copier. Companies often decide that the answer is no. After all, it seems that the extra cost would outweigh the benefits, right? Well, the truth about color copiers may surprise you.

The Truth

So, can color copiers actually be a better financial decision for your company? Here's a quick look!

  • Printers. Although copiers and printers have much in common, we rarely think of one as being able to replace the other. The truth is that having a color copier actually shrinks your need for a large printer fleet and the high cartridge costs of maintaining such a fleet.
  • Cut out the middle man. Chances are, if you don't have a color copier, you'll find yourself going to the copy center anyway. Some copy jobs just need color. As a result, it's actually less expensive to have your own color copier, eliminating the costs of outsourcing color copies and the time wasted by driving back and forth. This also limits the unnecessary copies you might make at a copy shop in order to avoid driving back.
  • Control. Another huge benefit of color copiers is that they come with countless options for intricate control. With a color copier, you can keep a close eye on ink usage, paper usage, and authorization, so that unnecessary copies are minimized and efficiency, productivity, and workflow are maximized.

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