3 Reasons You Can't Ignore Print Security

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/12/2021 - 10:06
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What do you think are the most vulnerable devices in your office network? It's more than likely your printer, which would be surprising to many companies and employees. If you've overlooked your print security and network integration as you have grown your business and print environment, now is the time to make sure you're set up for success with both HP multifunction printers and high-level print security.

Data and Organizational Security Is Intertwined

Data security and management correlates directly to organizational security. There are many ways that print security can be compromised, starting with the following:

  • Network security vulnerabilities
  • Unclaimed documents
  • Unprotected print passwords
  • Exposed data or information
  • And more

If print security is going to be a priority for your business - and it should be - then investing in some key print security features and improvements will go a long way.

Print Security Features

Looking ahead, how can you find what you need to protect your data and your business in print security? It starts with your print vendor - working with a high-level, professional vendor can make a huge difference when you implement your new printer security features.

Next, your printer matters a lot too - an HP multifunction printer has extensive, security-focused solutions to many data issues and can save your business time and money when it comes to this critical upgrade.

Your HP Multifunction Printer Improves Security Efforts

Print security starts with the right printer and implementing security features that will integrate safely with your entire network operations. United Business Technologies will help you get it right - let's talk today.