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MPS Optimization

With over 40 years of experience, UBT offers businesses consultative advice on document workflows and enterprise MPS solutions.

UBT is an independent company and not owned by a single manufacturer. That means we can offer our customers objective insight into their printing infrastructure and customize a solution to fit their needs through a combination of our many technology partners. UBT is owner operated, enabling our management the ability to make responsive decisions without the typical bureaucracy associated with large national manufacturers.

SmartPrint Data Collection Software

UBT utilizes our SmartPrint software to assess and manage our customers’ environments. We are able to collect data on device usage, volume trends, environmental markers, useful life of hardware, and fleet health. Once we map out the fleet of devices, we are able to load this information into SmartPrint for real time notifications of service or supply alerts. 

UBT is one of the few managed print services providers that allow customers administrative access to their account in SmartPrint. Our customers can login and monitor the fleet through the map views as well as access any of the data trend reports. 

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Printer MPS Optimization

Using our consultative tools available, UBT is able to assess fleet of printers and MFDs to determine an optimized configuration. We are able to use our SmartPrint technology to determine:

  • Printers that are past their total useful life
  • Average volumes on devices
  • Toner levels
  • Detailed maps of our customers' device locations

We use these metrics to provide our customers with enterprise solutions that not only cover your fleet of printing and scanning devices with service and supply coverage. We will also continue to optimize your hardware to provide ongoing efficiencies that result in cost savings for our customers.                       

UBT doesn’t adhere to the rip and replace model regarding printers. Instead, we will evaluate your fleet and usually cover existing printers with an MPS contract. As a premier partner with HP, UBT has many different programs available to cover HP printers under an MPS contract and we will work with our customers to determine which option fits their needs best. UBT does not only cover HP printers but other brands as well such as Dell, Lexmark and others.


90% of organizations are not optimally utilizing their print devices, often spending 1-3% of annual revenues of imaging technologies.

- Gartner Group


UBT will begin by helping you rate your current environment on factors such as security, service deliver and management, cost, and workflow efficiencies. 

MPS Process

Step 1: Assess

UBT will work with you to gain 100% insight into your current printing behavior, environment, constraints, and opportunities.

Step 2: Design

Based on the findings of our assessment, UBT will work with you to design a strategic plan and will propose a technical solution and present the potential benefits and savings.

Step 3: Implement

Once an agreed upon strategy is in place, UBT will begin implementation of that strategy while simultaneously providing predictable billing via one all-inclusive invoice.

Step 4: Manage

After implementation, UBT will deliver the services and proactively manage the fleet, and daily monitor and manage the fleet performance.

Step 5: Review

As part of our fleet management program, UBT will conduct quarterly business reviews that provide you with information regarding fleet optimization opportunities, cost reduction initiatives, and sustainability metrics. To tailor to different customer’s unique requirements, UBT customizes each report.  

MPS Objectives

  • Improve Fleet Reliability   
  • Simplify Procurement
  • Implement Secure/FollowMe Printing
  • Simplify Scanning
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities
  • Provide Mobile Solutions