3 Ways Managed IT Makes Your Nonprofit Better

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Operating a nonprofit organization is hard work, but very rewarding. While there are challenges to running a small business, they can sometimes be compounded by a nonprofit - there are different laws, systems, and functionality. However, new office operating solutions can make running your nonprofit easier and just as exciting as it should be.

You have goals to focus on, but you need to make sure that your business operations run smoothly as well. Sometimes, when you're engaged in work you are passionate about, it can be possible to be less focused on how to keep the functionality of the organization going in the background.

That's okay - many business solutions can help. In this article, we'll focus especially on IT solutions, since that can be one of the more overwhelming aspects of keeping the business updated and functional.

Your Managed IT Team

The best solution for IT is managed IT, which is essentially outsourcing oversight of your IT operations to a professional team.

The team will ensure that your business is protected from threats, that all tech is operating at full functionality, and that your organization won't be blindsided by a hack. See below for a deep dive into the three ways that managed IT makes your nonprofit better.

1. Get ahead of new, different threats

The managed IT team will work to research new threats and take proactive measures to stay protected.

2. Let your helpdesk troubleshoot

Don't burn out your helpdesk by asking them to troubleshoot all employee issues and get ahead of all cybersecurity. It's basically impossible. Let helpdesk do their work and outsource the rest of the projects to managed IT.

3. Improve tech and preparedness

Your technology will be upgraded and always a step ahead of the risks, while your business will be prepared for potential issues. Managed IT helps you stay in the game, not reactively trying to fix major data losses.

Streamline Your Nonprofit Budget

With a managed IT team from United Business Technologies, your tech department can experience the advantages of some outsourcing for advanced, detailed tasks while still getting the IT support work completed in the office. Will it make your business better? You bet - let's talk.