4 Big Benefits to Managed Print

managed print

Managed print services are a critical part of any successful business because the service takes away print and budget obstacles to create a smooth-running digital process for print oversight.

Also, the cost management of a streamlined print system can have a positive impact – in some companies, employees print almost 10,000 pages a year, and almost 20% of all printed pages are wasted. This is mind-boggling and something that any budget-conscious business owner will want to address immediately.

What is Managed Print

Managed print services provide oversight for print policy, supplies, costs, budget management, and data analysis. The service can address any concerns and reduce wasteful practices like using old hardware, outdated security, and not enough guidance.

Your managed print services team will perform a print audit, evaluate information, establish proper printing practices, create a realistic budget, ensure supplies are timely and within budget, and check in on all these issues. That level of support alone will change your print environment, budget, and workflow for the better.

Top Benefits of a Good Print System

The four major benefits of a managed print system are:

  1. Workflow improvements

    Getting ahead of print waste and managing paper, supplies, and security can improve employee productivity by 30%.

  2. Streamline Processes

    Ordering supplies, managing the print budget, and staying ahead of technical issues are all on the plus side of managed print.

  3. Security

    Take care of security concerns with data encryption, password protection, and other printer security practices that can keep your office safe.

  4. Work with the pros

    Having a professional team for print strategy consultation is worth the cost savings on supplies, productivity, and security issues.

We Can Help

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