Are You Asking the Right Questions Before Purchasing a Production Printer?


There are many ways to increase printing efficiency while also cutting costs. One of the ways is to use a production printer. These are high-speed computer printers that can handle large, long production jobs, including manuals. In the digital age, may tasks are handled online; however, there are still numerous applications when it comes to production printers. Some of the most common applications include billing, human resources, and even marketing. Before your business adds a production printer, there are a few key questions to ask.

What Kind of Production Printer is Right for My Business?

Production printers are expensive, and it is important for every business to make sure they are spending their money wisely. Some of the areas to consider when it comes to production printers include:

  • Volume: How much printing is your business going to do monthly?
  • Price: How much is it going to cost for your business to maintain the printer (such as ink and paper)?
  • Quality: What type of quality does the printer produce when it comes to color, detail, and clarity?

What Office Equipment Do You Already Have?

There might be certain pieces of office equipment that you already have. When you purchase the production printer, some of this equipment might end up becoming redundant. Make sure that your business conducts a full needs assessment, so you avoid any redundancies. If there is unnecessary equipment, your business is going to end up wasting money.

Is There Service and Support Available?

When you purchase a production printer, you are going to have questions as you get to know this new piece of equipment. It is important to look beyond the sale. Is there training available regarding how to use the printer? Is there a dedicated service representative for the printer? Is there email and phone support available? How quickly are replacement parts available? These are vital questions to ask when looking for a production printer.

Rely on United Business Technologies for Production Printer Needs

These are only a few of the many considerations that businesses need to think about before they invest in a production printer. If you have questions or concerns about production printing, contact us today.