Are You Making These Print Mistakes?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 08/09/2023 - 11:33
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Despite the long history of printing in the business world, no company is truly perfect at it. That's just fine--as long as these mistakes don't drag down your budget, workflow, or overall productivity. Here are a few issues to look out for (and how to fix them with help from managed print services!).

Print Tips from Managed Print Services

If you want your car to work better, you take it to a mechanic; if you want to teach your old dog new tricks, you take them to a trainer. Essentially, when you need help, you turn to experts--and printing is no exception. Managed print services is perhaps the best way to identify and overcome the print mistakes that all companies make one way or another.

But what do those mistakes look like? Here are just a few examples.

Not Tracking Budgets

Uncontrolled print spending can quickly get out of hand. However, many businesses are guilty of this oversight, simply because it's so tricky to keep up with print costs.

Solution: Managed print services helps break down your print environment so you can track every dollar spent and the value you get in return. When you have budget visibility, you have budget control.

Not Securing Printers

Printers may not seem like a logical target when there are smartphones, laptops, and cloud systems full of rich data--but the truth is that hackers often start in the least obvious places. Overlooking print security could lead to big--and expensive--breaches down the line.

Solution: Your managed print services provider knows where to look for vulnerabilities and print issues. They can recommend targeted solutions that protect your devices, data, and network connections without impacting your efficiency.

Not Using Print Rules

Can employees print whatever they like, whenever they like? Do you throw caution to the wind and print in color as often as you want? Are there any guidelines for double-sided printing or other ways to reduce waste? Without print rules like these, your budget can really start to suffer.

Solution: With managed print services, it's easy to identify bad habits in your workflows and implement rules, guidance, or recommendations that will help overcome costly problems.


Every company is bound to make a print mistake or two. If you don't want these mistakes to become huge issues, your best bet is to get help from the experts.

Contact us today to see how managed print services can help your business!