the benefits of having a uniFLOW output manager

Whether you own a small business, or a large one, having an output manager capable of doing all the multitasking for you is a very attractive trait. Created by Canon U.S.A, Inc., uniFLOW was created with two main priorities in mind: saving your organization time and money. What more can you ask for? All on one platform, uniFLOW is capable of making your business run a lot smoother. If you’re stressed and tired of multitasking, uniFLOW is created to do all the worrying for you. Problems such as waiting forever for your documents to print, running from the scanner to the printer, and worry about the security of your printing are easily fixed with UniFLOW.

Below are the various benefits an organization achieves with uniFLOW:

• Scanning
• Print room management
• Job routing
• Secure mobile printing (any mobile platform)
• Secure printing
• Accounting and reporting system
• Follow me printing, and device authentication

This new and improved output manager is designed for businesses owners seeking an increase in productivity and time…with a decrease in stress. Not to mention that it saves money! Understanding the importance of a high quality output manager is important to any businesses success. Protecting your company’s information with secure platforms such as this one is important as well. Don’t wait to look into a product as valuable as the uniFLOW, get ahead of the game—you won’t regret it.

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