Best Practices for Multifunction Printer Security

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 16:16

With all the recent cybercriminal activities in businesses, it will behoove you to ensure you have the best protection to guard against hackers. Thus said, you should ensure to use the best practices for computer networks as well as multifunction printer security (MFP security). 

Multifunction Printer Security Best Practices

The following includes the best practices for MFP security

Update the Default Password 

You should routinely change the password. To do this, go to settings on the web-based utility or the MFP's dashboard. Then, you must go to the administrator settings to go to the security settings. Once there, you'll go to the password and follow the prompts.

Instill Passwords Restriction for User Access 

To fight against unauthorized access, you must use protection measures for the password. These passwords should also be changed routinely. 

Hard Drive Encryption

Combining encryption with password protection on the hard drive will be maximum security for your multifunction printer.

Utilizing Secure Pull Printing Capabilities

Pull printing is a major tool for organizations that make sure only printing jobs go to the employees who started them. So, it makes sure the user is the one who has complete control of the document from start to finish. It also ensures that the documents will not go into the wrong hands. 

Implementing Data Cleanup Automation

Automatic data cleanup will stop the compilation of historical printer jobs. It also makes sure to help reduce manual security procedures. It also keeps the public user and personal boxes always remain clear. And as a result, your office will be more efficient and productive.

Installing Temporary Image Removal Automation

The only way the threat of temporary data can be removed is by using automatic temporary image removal. 

Routinely Update Printer Software 

Using outdated software can lead your network to data breaches and vulnerabilities.

Participate in Third-Party Testing

Using third-party testing is good in helping in further identification and addressing security risks.

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