Calculating the ROI of Managed Print Services

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Have you ever considered the real cost of managing your business's printing needs in-house? From the paper and ink expenses to maintenance and even the hidden costs of employee time spent troubleshooting printer issues, the total can be surprisingly high. Managed print services (MPS) offer a way to streamline this aspect of your operations, but how can you quantify its value? 

Understanding the Components of MPS ROI

Cost Savings

The most direct impact of implementing managed print services is the reduction of printing costs. MPS optimizes your print environment by ensuring you use the most cost-effective devices and supplies. By analyzing your current print habits, an MPS provider can tailor solutions that reduce waste and lower your overall expenses.

Efficiency Improvements

Time is money, and the efficiency gains from MPS can contribute significantly to your ROI. With managed print, your employees spend less time on printer-related tasks, from troubleshooting to ordering supplies, allowing them to focus on core business activities. This shift can lead to higher productivity and, consequently, higher revenue.

Maintenance and Downtime Reduction

The proactive maintenance provided by MPS minimizes printer downtime, reducing the cost associated with out-of-service printers. Regular upkeep and timely repairs ensure your printing operations run smoothly, avoiding unexpected expenses and productivity losses.

Environmental Benefits

Sustainability is not just good for the planet; it's good for your bottom line. Managed print services help businesses reduce their environmental impact through efficient use of resources. This efficiency can lead to cost savings on paper, energy, and even potential tax incentives for green initiatives.

Calculating Your MPS ROI

Determining the ROI of managed print services involves comparing the total cost of your current print operations to the estimated costs under an MPS program. This calculation should include direct expenses like supplies and maintenance, as well as indirect costs like employee productivity and device downtime.

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