Can Multifunction Printers Boost Productivity?


When you think about a multifunction printer, you probably come up with the basics--printing, scanning, faxing and copying. These are all important, of course, but the truth is that these printers can do so much more. Let's find out how multifunction printers boost productivity!

Printer Power

You might not expect a discussion on productivity solutions to start with a multifunction printer. This is because most companies tend to view their machines as tools, designed for a handful of particular needs, rather than solutions that can address all kinds of issues and inefficiencies throughout your office. For example, multifunction printers are inherently productive because they eliminate the need to go from one single-function device to the next to finish a job. And they do that only by existing--with no work on your part! Imagine what else a multifunction printer could do if you knew how to leverage it in your workflow.

Here are just a few ways multifunction printers can help boost productivity across your entire company.

  • #1: Empowering employees

Printers used to be clunky, irritating, and inefficient--and let's face it, some of them still are. Multifunction printers, however, empower employees by being user-friendly and even fun to operate, encouraging productivity and creativity without also having to leave the machine.

  • #2: Improving security

Printers are often the first target of cyberattacks and digital "bad guys." Multifunction printers have evolved in response to this threat, coming with built-in features that help defend the device and fit in with your existing security measures.

  • #3: Mobile printing

Are you looking for a new solution? Why not take mobile printing for a test-drive? Multifunction printers make it easier than ever to connect your mobile devices and print from just about anywhere.

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