Do You Still Need a Printer?

printer in use

Is the digital world taking over so much that your business doesn't need a printer anymore?

While it's true that almost everything has gone digital, you probably print more than you think you do - and much of it for necessary reasons.

We love digital life - emailing, document management, cloud sharing, collaboration - but the world doesn't operate entirely digitally yet, so you probably still need to stay hard copy enough to require a printer.

Modern Business Operations

Business operations have changed a ton in the last 20 years of course, but especially in the last decade.It seems like 100% of business is going online, and in many cases, it makes more sense to do things digitally.

However, that doesn't always cut it. Some clients still work in hard copies, and some projects just need the support of seeing things in paper.

For example, proofreading is sometimes different in hard copy, board members may still like to have hard copies for notes, and bringing an agenda to a meeting and not allowing laptops means people aren't just checking their email all day.

Today's HP Multifunction Printers

Also, modern printers have received major upgrades as well. You can do more with a printer now than ever before, so it might be time to learn about special print features that can optimize business workflows, improve productivity, and save money.

Your trusted print vendor can run through available features in HP multifunction printers, and together you can evaluate which machine can make your business run better.

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