Essential Printer Considerations


As an office manager, business owner, or IT professional, you are aware that data security is a new priority across networks and office equipment.

This is why there is a new list of considerations for those looking to purchase a printer, and even for those upgrading. If it's been a while since you last purchased an HP multifunction printer or copier, it may be time to update your equipment solely because of advanced technologies available. You don't want to underestimate the power of hackers and cyberattacks when faced with limited print and network security.

Security is a significant consideration for a new printer. You'll want to analyze what your business needs, what would help employees do their jobs, what your priorities are, and how your print environment usually functions.


Security is no joke nowadays, and it is an essential feature across all parts of your office. Unsecured printing in the last few years had impacted a majority of businesses before print upgrades were made. This is why when you evaluate a new printer, don't underestimate the importance of stable security features.


Features are a crucial aspect of considering a printer to purchase. Today's print features can change the game for your employees - providing time-saving options, finishing, and security.

Many features depend on the manufacturer. For example, HP multifunction printers have different specialties than Xerox or Toshiba. Canon printers are known for being an excellent fit for small or medium-sized businesses due to scalability.

It's worth investigating features, technology, and brand specialties of various manufacturers before deciding on a printer. Luckily, if this seems overwhelming, your vendor partner can help gather bullet points of info for you to evaluate.

Improving Your Print Environment

It's easier to fix print issues and create a functional print environment with an updated machine and a reliable vendor on your side. Contact United Business Technologies with questions about features, security, or manufacturers - we're happy to help.