How Printing Changes Hybrid Office Solutions

Submitted by Tech Support on Wed, 10/04/2023 - 14:02
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Printing is, itself, a hybrid office solution--but it also impacts *other* hybrid office solutions. In many ways, printing might be at the heart of the new business world.

Here's what that means for you and how to take advantage of it.

The Role of Printing in Hybrid Office Solutions

When hybrid work was still a somewhat new idea for most companies, printing quickly rose to the top of every conversation. It was one of the few remaining links between on-site and home offices--a way to literally *and* metaphorically connect these different work environments.

Now that hybrid office solutions are here to stay, businesses are rethinking the role of printing. Is it still necessary?

Overwhelmingly, the answer is *yes.*

However, that doesn't mean printing will look exactly the same as it always has. It's been around for decades, sure--but it's changed rapidly to answer new questions and address new needs. Simply put, hybrid office solutions were often built on existing print workflows when we were still figuring things out; now that we know more, we're all in a perfect position to do the opposite and build new print solutions around hybrid office needs.

The Future of Printing and Hybrid Office Solutions

If you want to keep your company on track, you need more than a few outdated print approaches. Here's how printing is driving the future of hybrid office solutions:

Managed Print Is Crucial

Before the rise of hybrid work, managed print services was helping companies juggle disparate print environments across multiple locations. The game may have changed, but the strategy still works--and it's more important than ever. Managed print will continue being a crucial force in helping hybrid offices connect different machines, networks, and workflows.

Sustainability Matters

Businesses want to be sustainable, but so do individual employees. That means the top hybrid office solutions for the rest of this year and beyond will likely focus on printing smarter instead of more frequently. How can you optimize your communication needs so you print only when necessary and use as few resources as possible?

Efficiency Is Key

Cloud printing, mobile printing, efficiency apps--these are just a few examples of the ways the print world has changed and will *continue* to evolve. Keep an eye on these solutions and think about how they could fit into your hybrid environment to help employees do more of what they're good at.

In conclusion, printing is one of the most important things you can do for your office--whether it's on site, remote, or both.

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