HP Multifunction Printer Security: Smart Ways to Use Shared Printers

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/10/2022 - 18:42

A shared printer is a great tool for offices of all shapes and sizes, especially when that machine happens to be an HP multifunction printer. But "shared" and "security" don't always go hand in hand--so how can your HP multifunction printer make things easier, safer, and simpler? Let's find out!

MFP Security: Smart and Safe

Multifunction printer security might sound like it's all about safety--but when it comes to HP multifunction printers, "smart" is an equally important part of the deal. That's because HP MFP security is designed around your needs, giving you options that allow you to leverage a shared environment without worry.

Here are a few examples of solutions your HP multifunction printer can likely support:

Follow-Me Printing

When you use follow-me printing, your document is placed in a queue as soon as you hit "print." It isn't released until you arrive at the machine--that way, your stuff doesn't get lost in a stack of someone else's, and nobody can accidentally walk away with sensitive information.

Secure Printing

Secure printing requires authentication before a print job is released. It's similar to follow-me printing and comes in a few different types depending on how the machine checks your identity. For example, some businesses give every employee a PIN to enter the device. This doesn't just improve MFP security; it also simplifies the process of monitoring access and restricting permissions.


Encryption isn't used to protect your data from other people inside your company. Instead, it's a safety net--and a smart one, too. The more people use a shared printer, the higher the chance that someone will make a mistake and create a vulnerability--which is why this multifunction printer security solution is a smart move.


With an HP device on your side, MFP security has never been easier. The key is to approach shared printers with both safety and smarts in mind--that way, you choose solutions that will simplify, strengthen, and streamline your workflows while improving security.

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