Hybrid Office Solutions: A New Approach to Printing

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/28/2022 - 18:09

Whether you've just switched to a hybrid structure or have been using this setup for a while, one thing's for sure: Hybrid office solutions are more important than ever. Believe it or not, though, the best solutions have actually been beside you all along.

Read on to find out what that means!

How Printing Informs Hybrid Office Solutions

When you think about hybrid office solutions, you probably imagine all kinds of high-tech gadgets, complex communication software, and systems designed to support workers across multiple locations. What you likely aren't thinking about is your humble office printer.

The truth, however, is that printing isn't just an important part of your hybrid office--it can actually inform and shape all the other hybrid office solutions you choose.

Think about it. Printing is a simple, familiar solution that has taken many roles over the years. It's shown itself to be flexible and adaptable--which means you can use it to try out new ideas or values that will expand across your entire workforce.

Here are a few examples:

  • Managed print:Managed print services is, perhaps, the greatest example of how printing can be used to your benefit. With managed print, you'll turn your print environment into a safe space to try tools, changes, and solutions you could apply to other parts of your workflow or office structure. You'll also learn to identify wasteful habits and implement targeted hybrid office solutions.

  • Mobile printing: Before the rise in hybrid office popularity, mobile printing acted as a way to make remote or field employees feel more connected. These days, it's an example of how your printers can create effective hybrid office solutions, showing you that something as simple as a personal smartphone can be used in conjunction with a printer to improve efficiency and simplify workflows.

  • Scanning: Many printers have scanning capabilities, which means they can help drive further evolution. By scanning files in one place, you make them accessible to everyone in other locations, allowing you to build a shared digital workspace for your hybrid organization.


Although office printers can be ground zero for hybrid office solutions, there's one more thing you need--and that's a little creativity. The truth is that your printers are just printers; they need your determination and innovation to become drivers of hybrid office evolution.

Looking for ways to turn printers into hybrid office solutions? Need a little help from managed print services? Contact us today!