Ink Recycling 101

Wait, don’t throw away that ink cartridge! Make sure your company is doing its part for the planet, not to mention its pocketbook, by recycling used ink cartridges. Each manufacturer has slightly different options and methods for recycling ink cartridges. Here is more information on what UBT’s technology partners are doing for the environment.


As one of the first manufacturers to recycle ink cartridges, Canon is an environmentally conscious company that has collected more than 150,000 tons of would-be waste. Canon’s ultimate goal is to create zero landfill waste, so when you send your cartridges back, you can be assured that Canon is recycling every last component of the cartridge. In addition to its recycling options, Canon is going green with an initiative called the Canon Forest Program. With this program, Canon donates trees to the Arbor Day Foundation for qualifying purchases. Visit Canon to view its Toner Container Collection Program.

Hewlett Packard:

HP implemented its recycling program in 1987 and since then has recycled or reused approximately 2.3 billion pounds of products. HP has accomplished this by offering opportunities for customers to return outdated technology for credit toward new HP products. In the U.S., they even buy back other brands! HP also has a donation program that allows you to donate your unused, unneeded equipment to charity. Hewlett Packard makes recycling simple by provided postage-paid return boxes so there’s no excuse not to return your equipment for proper recycling and reuse by HP.

Read more about HP’s Product Return and Recycling Program.

Continue the mission to reduce waste at home, too. Most office supply stores have programs to recycle or even refill ink cartridges from your home-use printers. Just take your ink cartridges with you next time you visit your favorite store and ask how you can recycle. Many times you will even earn in-store credits or rewards points to use on future purchases.