Interesting Uses For 3D Printing So Far


Since the introduction of 3D printing recently, there have been some more... bizarre uses of its functionality. Here are some real examples of what it's been used for!

  • small size replicas of oneself
  • 3-d printed pasta
  • printed gun
  • 3-d printed art
  • scanning a non-food object and turning it into food. Like the bread shaped like a shoe
  • 3D printed racecar called the “Areion”
  • bioprinting. A company is researching how to print meat products. First on leather, then on edible meat
  • 3D printed ready-to-wear articles of clothing

Whether or not you find 3D printing useful or relevant to you or your business at this point, we have a selection of copiers and printers that might suite you a bit better! Contact us today.