IT Security Starts with Managed Services

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Do you wake up in the middle of the night worried about tech security? Maybe not, but if you haven't taken every precaution to be proactive about hacks, breaches, data theft, and phishing, you should be concerned.

IT security is huge and can be the downfall of many businesses. A hack can impact reputation, clients, employees, and business data.

It's not new that managed services can solve the problems of businesses who need expertise but can't afford to hire on a whole department. For IT, that's still true, and it's solved by investing in managed IT programs.

Security Solutions

There are more security answers than you may know, especially if your company has only had time to reactively work on fixes.

Some of the ways you can work with your managed IT team to ensure protection include:

  • Encrypting data
  • System scans
  • Require strong passwords (and change them regularly!)
  • Update anti-virus software
  • Back up your system off-site

What You Need

If you're a little lost on how to look out for your information, that's okay. At United Business Technologies, we have offerings that will provide risk management and protection.

For full security, most businesses invest in:

  • IT Security - general support and risk management
  • Cloud Migration - ensuring that all of your data, historical information, resources, files, and critical materials are migrated to the cloud for safekeeping, protection, and (appropriate) access.
  • Helpdesk Support - the helpdesk is another beast, where employees should be able to go for quick, responsive assistance. Managed IT can also support this team so they don't get overloaded or make bad security decisions.
  • Disaster Recovery - if something does happen, or your office is impacted by a physical disaster, having a set disaster recovery solution is the only way to get back everything you need for continuity of operations.

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