Managed Print Services: A Closer Look At Security

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/10/2023 - 11:57

Security is top of mind for just about everyone these days--and that goes for hackers, too. If you want to stay ahead of the digital bad guys, you need solutions such as managed print services, which can help defend your data, devices, and networks in more ways than one.

What Is Managed Print Services?

It's important to realize that managed print services, despite its name, isn't just about printing. It's also about:

  • Workflows.
  • Supply management.
  • Access control.
  • Printer settings.
  • Fleet optimization.
  • Print habits.

Put all of these things together and you get a complete, comprehensive solution--one that benefits your entire business by starting in the print environment.

What do all these things have in common? They're related to print security in one way or another--which means that managed print services helps you address security holistically instead of trying to tackle one thing at a time.

Security Benefits of Managed Print Services

Not sure how a print solution can lead to better security overall? Let's take a look at what managed print services is really capable of:

Device Security

Your manged print services provider can help you turn your devices into active security tools. It all starts by reviewing and improving your printer settings. Next, you'll zoom out to focus on your whole fleet, where you'll upgrade, update, or consolidate devices to make your print environment easier to manage.

Workforce Security

Your people have a key role to play in security. Managed print services helps build better habits, eliminate human error, and educate employees on common risks and issues. (Bonus: By implementing print rules and expectations, you don't just improve security; you can protect your budget and efficiency, too!)

Data Security

Managed print services can defend data with solutions such as encryption, device-level user authentication, follow-me printing, and more. Your provider will also help you avoid pitfalls--for example, forgetting to regularly wipe your printer's hard drive, which could be a goldmine of data if a hacker gains access to your machine.

In conclusion, managed print services may start in your print environment, but it goes a lot further to treat security holistically and defend your business in smart ways.

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