MFP Security: The #1 Reason to Upgrade Your Fleet

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 07/14/2022 - 14:20

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your fleet--but until you know the biggest and most important reason, you might think an upgrade isn't worth it. Let's take a closer look at multifunction printer security and find out why it's a game-changer!

The Truth About MFP Security

Although multifunction printers are strong, capable, and reliable, they can't do everything. For example, your MFP still relies on you for protection--and if you haven't upgraded in a while, your machines are probably not offering much help in this area.

That's because older printers simply weren't designed to navigate the kinds of threats we're facing today. Security is a constantly evolving landscape--and if your machines can't keep up, neither can you.

That's why multifunction printer security is the #1 reason to upgrade your fleet: You might be able to overlook an old machine's inefficiency and declining performance, but you can't afford to ignore security vulnerabilities. In truth, it's much more affordable to pay for an upgrade than to navigate the costs associated with a data breach--like legal fees, loss of revenue, data destruction, and more. That's especially true if you choose powerful, cost-effective models like HP multifunction printers (which can make an upgrade pay for itself).

Beyond MFP Security: More Reasons to Upgrade

Although multifunction printer security is the biggest reason to upgrade your fleet, it's not the only reason. Here are a few other elements you won't want to ignore:

  • Advanced features: When it comes to bells and whistles, older machines just can't keep up. A new multifunction printer comes with advanced features that help you interact with other software, cut steps out of your workflow, connect to remote workers, and more.

  • Improved efficiency: Outdated machines tend to eat up too much energy. Today's MFPs are built with efficiency in mind, helping you save money on your electric bill while protecting the environment.

  • Better performance: Newer printers are designed with the latest systems and technology, which means they perform better and often last longer.

In conclusion, even if your current machines are working "just fine," it's probably time for an upgrade--not just because of MFP security but also because you're missing out on other great benefits.

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