Multifunction Printer Security: 3 Tips for Success

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/12/2022 - 18:54

Multifunction printer security is a big deal these days--and it's only getting more important. However, with so many threats to look for and no guidebook telling you exactly what to do, it can be difficult to turn MFP security into a reality.

Here are three tips to help get the job done!

MFP Security: Starting With the Right Equipment

The first step in any security journey is to have the right tools in your arsenal. Believe it or not, that includes your printer itself.

The key is to choose a machine you can trust--like HP multifunction printers. These machines don't just copy, print, scan, and fax; they also have security built into their DNA, which means you're relying on HP's long history of excellence and precision to help inform, guide and support your own security protocols.

Better yet, HP multifunction printers are user-friendly. That means you're much less likely to run into MFP security problems due to human error--and that any security features or solutions you choose can be integrated and operated with ease.

Long story short: Good MFP security starts with a good MFP.

Three Tips for Strong Multifunction Printer Security

Although it will probably never be "easy" to navigate the ever-changing world of printer threats, you can make it a little simpler to protect your multifunction printer. Just use these three tips:

#1: Know your habits.

It's helpful to know how you actually use your printer. This helps you identify wasteful patterns and make better choices, sure, but it also makes it far easier to notice red flags that could signal MFP security threats. For example, if a new device is suddenly accessing the machine, you might want to look into it.

#2: Update ASAP.

When your MFP prompts you to upgrade the software, set aside some time and perform those upgrades right away. This helps protect your machine from known vulnerabilities--and if the manufacturers know about these problems, digital bad guys probably know about them too.

#3: Utilize access control.

Access control gives you power over who can use which printer settings. It's an important way to protect data, keep unauthorized users from changing settings, and limit the risk of unwelcome guests gaining access to your MFP.

In conclusion, multifunction printer security isn't always easy--but it's well within reach. It begins by choosing the right machine, and the other details--like regular software updates and access control--fall naturally into place.

Looking for help with your MFP security? Hoping to upgrade to a secure, efficient HP device? Contact us today!