Multifunction Printer Security: What is HP Wolf Security?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 10/15/2022 - 08:09

HP is known for its powerful printers and reliable security measures. However, with HP Wolf Security, you'll get more than you ever asked for. Here's what to know about this important step forward in multifunction printer security!

The Importance of MFP Security

Before we jump into the solution, let's take a closer look at the problem.

Although they're fast, capable, and efficient, multifunction printers (MFPs) aren't invincible. Their network connections make them vulnerable to hacking and other types of data breaches--and unfortunately, they're often a digital criminal's first stop when looking for a way to break into your business.

That's true for a few reasons:

  • Companies overlook MFP security: While they're so caught up with other security needs, many businesses forget about their printers and skip MFP security entirely.

  • Printers have a lot of connections: A good MFP can connect to different parts of your IT setup, like your email and efficiency apps. That means a printer breach gives hackers access to all these things, too.

  • Best practices aren't followed: Even if they do have MFP security solutions in place, some businesses forget the basics, like changing default passwords and wiping hard drives.

MFP Security: HP Wolf Security

Although multifunction printer security is a significant concern, it doesn't have to be a huge problem. That's because your HP printer can benefit from HP Wolf Security, called "a new breed of endpoint security." Here's what to know:

What is it?

At its core, HP Wolf Security is endpoint protection. That's because it's built into your multifunction printer. However, the solution is smart enough to expand far beyond that, encompassing the operating system and other software to protect your entire infrastructure.

How does it work?

HP Wolf Security protects your printers on multiple levels. For example, it has built-in breach detection, threat isolation, and more, helping identify issues and stop them from spreading. The result, as HP Wolf Security explains, is "printers that defend themselves."

Is it right for small businesses?

The best part about HP Wolf Security is that it can fit businesses of all shapes and sizes. It's part of your printer, which means it will become part of your workflows, too--and it can be adapted to the way you do business (including remote and hybrid work).

In conclusion, MFP security is a real challenge--but with HP Wolf Security, you're always in good hands.

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