Multifunction Printer Security: What You Need To Know

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Multifunction printer security isn't getting any easier--it's only getting more important. As hackers find new ways to exploit unseen vulnerabilities, it's up to you to defend your machines, data, and business overall. Here's what you need to know.

MFP Security for Small Businesses

Here's the thing about printer security: No one is immune to digital dangers--not even small businesses.

In fact, small businesses are sometimes a hacker's first target. That's because you're viewed as easy prey--a less experienced company with fewer resources, a limited budget, and the kind of complacency that comes from assuming you're too small to be of any interest.

Even if these things aren't true, they're convincing enough to hackers and other digital criminals. That means your company needs to get smart about all kinds of security--and that's especially true when it comes to multifunction printer security.

Why? Well, in the same way, that small businesses are targeted because they assume they won't be, printers are targeted because businesses don't imagine that an everyday office device would be of any use to a hacker.

MFP Security FAQs

Got questions about multifunction printer security? We've got answers:

"Are all printers equally vulnerable?"

No. Some printers, like HP multifunction devices, are designed with built-in security measures and additional features to help defend your data and network connections. That's why research is key before making a purchase.

"Are there different kinds of solutions?"

Yes. You can choose all kinds of print security solutions, from follow-me and cloud printing to encryption and user authentication. The best part is that you can often layer these tools on top of one another for even better security.

"Can we get help?"

Yes. Managed print services provides guidance, expertise, and solution implementation, making security a whole lot easier (and creating other print environment benefits along the way).

In conclusion, multifunction printer security is of particular concern for small businesses--and although you may have questions, there's no need to handle this challenge alone.

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