Navigating HIPAA: Is Mobile Print Secure?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 09/21/2022 - 18:54

HIPAA regulations aren't just an important set of rules for your healthcare business--they're also a solid benchmark for determining whether a business solution is actually secure. Today, we're putting one such solution--mobile print--in the spotlight to find out whether it can live up to HIPAA's expectations.

What is Mobile Print?

Before we take a closer look at mobile print and HIPAA, let's find out what mobile print itself is all about.

The goal of mobile print solutions is simple: enable you to use mobile devices to print from anywhere. Software like uniFLOW makes it possible, helping connect smartphones and tablets to your printer and creating personalized print queues for each user.

With mobile print, your business solutions go wherever work takes you. That means you can enable remote or hybrid work, collaborate with different company locations, or just send print jobs with a more convenient device. It's all about efficiency and flexibility--two big must-haves in the healthcare landscape.

Making Mobile Print Secure

It's clear that mobile print is a powerful solution, but is it secure enough for organizations that regularly deal with protected health and patient information? Let's find out.

  • Mobile print can be protected with authentication.

When you use authentication solutions, your printer knows to release a mobile print job only when the right person is within range. That's because the user's smart device communicates with the printer in close proximity, alerting the printer that it's safe to release the document.

  • A zero-trust approach makes mobile print more secure.

Zero-trust security is a policy that assumes no user or device is "safe." That means everything has to go through multi-factor authentication before connecting to the printer, accessing print data, or using mobile print solutions.

  • Employees can be trained to help improve security.

Mobile print can be even safer if your teams know how to use it properly. Make sure to provide all the necessary training around how to make secure connections, which apps should and shouldn't be on mobile devices, and how to be responsible for sensitive patient data both on- and off-site.

In conclusion, mobile printing is a powerful solution--and with the right policies and approaches, it can help you remain HIPAA compliant, too.

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