Optical Character Recognition Software

Using optical character recognition In a business it’s important to save time every way possible. Work smarter not harder is what they always say.

One way to save time and energy is by using an optical character recognition program. The purpose of this program is to allow you to scan paper documents (with a modern scanner), save it as a digital file then you can use an optical character recognition program to convert the text to make it possible to open it in Word (or another editing program) to make necessary edits.

Some people may have been handed a paper document with no digital file to go along with it and told to make edits. They might have thought they needed to type up the document from scratch and make the edits but with this program that is not necessary.

This program can be purchased separately if it isn’t already on your computer.

If you don’t have a modern scanner that allows you to turn scans into digital files then contact United Business Technologies and we can help.