An overview of the history of Hewlett-Packard

What’s the story behind one of the most successful IT companies in the world? We see Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) products everywhere we go, yet some of us have no idea where they came from. HP donated billions of dollars towards research and development towards new technologies. Meg Whitman, HP President and CEO stated: “Success hinges on consistency of leadership, focus, execution, and most importantly, great products and services.”

So how did this proficient company start? Here is brief review of the history behind these amazing products and services:

• HP is a company that has been around since 1939.
• It was founded in San Jose, California by Bill Hewlett and David Packard.
• They met at Stanford University, where both men were engineering students.
• HP started in a Palto Alto garage, with the company's first product an audio oscillator.
• Disney was HP’s first customer—they bought eight audio oscillators for the movie Fantasia.

Today, HP has helped homeowners, small businesses, and organizations get the best products on the market. Not only that, HP has also succeeded in providing outstanding customer service skills as well. For your office, enlisting the help of companies like United Business Technologies is a smart thing to do. Not only do we supply Hewlett-Packard products, but we attach one in a lifetime guarantees to them as well.

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