Printer Security 101


How we interact with the world is based on how we communicate. Is that through hard copy documents, digitally, or a combination of both?

In regular offices, it’s usually both digital and hard copy. That means that we spend a lot of time converting information either to hard copy or to digital. And when you look at it, that means that there is a space in there where security needs to play a role – it’s printer security.

Information going from computers and devices to the printer gets stored on the hard drive. For example, some employees need the ability to utilize mobile printing. Then what? That information doesn’t just disappear, but it can be at risk for hacks, breaches, and data theft. Printer security is essential to any business that has office equipment, but it’s not as complicated as you may imagine.

Check the Hard Drive

Your first step to printer security is understanding how it works. You know that digital information stored on your hard drive goes to the printer to produce hard copy documents. That’s how data is transmitted, so it’s not a step you can remove from the process, but it can be cleaner, safer, and risk-free.

Secure Office Print Ops with Multifunction Printers

Office print operations should include a method for regularly checking the printer hard drive, wiping it of all sensitive data, if not just all data, and then periodically ensuring that there are no vulnerabilities. It’s a proactive process that prevents security issues from an often forgotten source in the office – your equipment.

Don’t let the machines that should be doing the most for you be what pulls you under. Your multifunction printer is an essential piece of office equipment, but it also needs to be backed up and wiped of data.

Proactive printer security is critical to office operations in today’s world of cyberattacks, but it’s simpler than you think with the right security partner.

Evaluate Often

Revisit your printing solutions enough that no holes can form when you’re not looking. Better yet, work with a respected office equipment company that knows what to do to prioritize print security. Interested in learning more? Talk to United Business Technologies.