The Pros of Leasing a Xerox Copier


Buying critical office equipment like copiers and printers is a major investment, and can seem like a big upfront payment. With continually advancing technology, you may also realize that your copier can be outdated quickly.

This is normal for making any major purchase (like a car, of course), but there are other solutions if you want to manage big investments and your company dollars differently. Leasing a Xerox copier or printer is a great option - read on for a summary of the pros of leasing instead of buying.

Xerox Copiers are Ahead of the Pack

Copiers and printers aren't all made the same, and your Xerox machine will be outstanding in capacity, quality, and productivity. That said, check out the pros for leasing your high quality Xerox equipment.

Here's Why:

  • Short contracts

Your contract shouldn't live longer than your copier. With a good lease agreement, your contract will be up right when it's time to upgrade technology anyway.

  • Easy upgrades

Upgrading a Xerox machine is simple with a good vendor partner. You can review what worked and what didn't and which features you're looking for in your next copier.

  • Monthly payments

Monthly payments mean less stress than a big upfront cost. You can keep ownership of your capital and budget by managing money well, with reasonable monthly lease payments.

  • Service agreements Service agreements are made to help you, not hurt you. A solid service agreement provides the repairs and maintenance you need in a timely manner. Review with your vendor team to make sure you get what you need.

  • Simple terms Terms of a lease can just be easier to deal with. If things aren't working, your business or your business model changes, or you have more digital products than you thought - no pressue! The terms of your lease are simple and easy to change in renewal.

Is it for You?

Let's find out - get in touch with United Business Technologies to quickly review your leasing options.