The Right Multifunction Printer for Your Accounting Needs


Years ago, accounting and finance were solely paper-based operations, and no one thought that would ever change. However, now our world is almost entirely digital.

Despite the dramatic change, printing, copying, scanning, and faxing hasn't gone away, especially in financial departments. It's more important than ever to have a high-quality machine to cover your security and high volume workplace.

Key Considerations

If you're looking to buy or replace a machine, here's what to note when researching multifunction printers:


Printers need more security today than ever before to protect against hacks, data breaches, and other risks. Printers need security features like password protection, badge login, and user audits to ensure a secure network.

Capacity and Workflow

Your multifunction printer will be able to handle capacity and high volume workflow that no previous machine could. Advancement in capability is useful for almost every business since multiple users need large numbers of documents quickly.

User Interface

A simple, easy user interface is a great feature of today's products. Touch screens, one-function buttons, and shortcuts all make complicated automation efforts simple and fast.

Next Steps

Do you have questions about multifunction printers and which features may work best for your accounting department? Ask the pros at United Business Technologies for the answers you need.