Storing Important Documents in The Cloud, Scary?

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 09:07

No need to fear storing your important documents in the cloud. However, there are a couple of issues to consider before you do make the transition:

  • Truth – ask questions and get to know about the vendor hosting your content. Have the vendor prove that you can trust them and are worthy of hiring. The vendor will have a list of certifications and relevant audits from their data centers.
  • Comfort – so once you have found a vendor you can trust, you need to figure out if you are comfortable with them. Get evidence of testimonies, track records and references, and then contact those references. Solicitant recommendations from similar organization and talking to friends, you’ll get a sense of perspective on how the vendor will work with your company.
  • Control – after you find a vendor you are comfortable with, think about the control. If you put your important documents in the cloud will you still have full control over it? Do you give up some ownership because the information is no longer located in your data center? This should absolutely not be the case. The content is still yours, except now it will be in a central server and you will be paying someone to look after it for you.

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