Tips and Tricks: Using Job Build

Job build is a Copy and Scan & Send feature that allows you to scan multiple originals that there are too many of to be placed at once, by dividing them into batches. You are able to interchange between the document feeder and the platen glass.

To utilize this feature complete the following steps

1.      Press [Copy]

2.      Press [Options] > [Job Build] >Press [Close].

3.      Press [Start]

4.      When Scanning is complete, place your next batch of originals à Press Start

a.       If you would like to change any of the settings for the next batch of originals, press [Change Settings]. If you want to change the settings, change them before pressing [Start]

b.      You can press [Change Settings] to change the following settings:

                i.      Copy Ratio: Changing basic copy ratios and Zoom by Length

               ii.      2-Sided original: Two-Sided Copying

              iii.      Density: Adjusting Density Manually and Adjusting Background Density

5.      After the last batch of media is scanned, press [Start Copying].

If you have any questions about this feature or any other functions please do not hesitate to contact United Business Technologies at 704.917.0100. UBT strives to maintain its high quality service and looks forward to assisting customers with its responsive and knowledgeable staff.