Top Multifunction Printer Security Features

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 07/18/2023 - 10:13
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Not all multifunction printers come equipped and prepared to actively help limit security risks--but the best models have plenty to offer. Here's what to look for in a powerful and secure machine!

MFP Security Made Simple

There are a lot of ways to approach multifunction printer security, but one of the smartest is to start off on the right foot--and that means buying a machine that has defenses built right into the system. HP multifunction printers are a great example of this, as they come equipped with just about everything you need to protect your machine and integrate other security solutions at the same time.

So what does MFP security look like when it's built into a printer? Here are a few examples:


Encryption makes data unusable to people outside your network. It's a great tool for multifunction printer security because printers are often a hacker's first target--and if they make it through your protections only to find encrypted data, they may not go any further.

Hard Drive Control

A multifunction printer should allow you to quickly and easily wipe its hard drive. This prevents print data from falling into the wrong hands and makes your printers less of a target to hackers.

User Authentication

Multifunction printer security is a whole lot easier when you can see who's doing the printing. With user authentication, the machine holds prints or restricts access until someone uses their unique PIN or ID card.

Security Software

Some printers have software that puts you in control of print routing, tracking, and more. This is helpful for monitoring activity and catching red flags, but it also helps you establish print rules that can limit MFP security vulnerabilities throughout your workflow.


Multifunction printer security relies on you having all the right tools and solutions--which means it makes sense to invest in a machine that brings what you need. That's why it's smart to do your research and choose printers with features like these.

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