True or False: Color Sells Construction Projects

Close up horizontal photo of colleagues interior designers working with color swatches palette and blueprint, planning discussing together creative occupation concept banner for website header design

Okay, this is a real quiz. True or false? Is color an extravagant addition that isn't necessary? Or is it eye-catching and promotional for any business, especially construction companies?

The answer is TRUE: color sells construction projects. Why? Because the success of a good construction company is in communication. Color conveys ALL aspects of a building project clearly and without question. Clients see quality, specifics, and details when companies provide enough information using color printing.

Sure, color can be more expensive, but it makes up for the cost in savings – saving time, money, errors, and broader issues. Some construction companies have saved almost 75% of excessive communication costs from using color printing. That matters!

Construction Needs Production Print

The most efficient way to invest in high-quality color printing on a large scale is to purchase an in-house production printer. Having a reliable machine that can create large volume output without compromising vivid images is essential to making color prints that tell your story.

Make the Investment

High-quality color production printing is worth your serious consideration as a construction company owner, so take a moment to look into it and learn more. If a small change, like printing vivid images in-house, has the potential to make significant business growth and improvements, it's probably worth a few minutes.

Here are a few steps to take to move forward:

• Do some research

• Try a few test samples with a vendor partner

• Ask employees what they'd like in a color/production printer.

• Talk with a professional vendor about features and costs - you will probably be pleasantly surprised!

Make the Move Today

Get your business growing before your next project is complete. Tell your story better, communicate clearly, and show your clients what you can do. Ready to keep movin' on up? Contact United Business Technologies today.