The Truth About Managed Print Services

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 09/01/2023 - 13:34
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Have you heard myths about managed print services? Not sure what's true and what's totally made up? Here's the truth about this powerful solution!

The Basics on Managed Print Services

Managed print services is like outsourcing all your print concerns and responsibilities without completely giving up control. You build a relationship with your managed print provider, allowing them to identify and implement personalized solutions. They can also help protect your data, optimize your fleet, budget for upgrades, and more.

The problem with all of this is that managed print services looks a little different for every individual business--which means it's easy for myths and misinformation to spread. Before you choose a managed print provider, it's important to know what you're really getting into (and what you don't have to worry about).

Debunking Managed Print Services Myths

Here's the truth about managed print services and what it does for your business:

Myth: "Managed print is a waste of money."

Many businesses worry that this solution isn't cost-effective because printing itself can be so pricey. Fortunately, the truth is that managed print services actually identifies and eliminates those issues that make printing feel like a money pit. Your provider helps you print smarter instead of more frequently, which means you're saving money in multiple ways.

Myth: "You lose all control when you use managed print."

This one isn't true either. Although you're free to work with your provider on who's responsible for what, the chances are that you'll want to keep control over certain elements of your print environment. This is a relationship, not just a business deal--which means your insight, opinions, and ideas will *always* be a key part of the equation.

Myth: "Managed print is a quick fix."

Managed print services can work quickly to address some of your biggest print pains, but it's not a one-time solution that magically solves everything. Instead, print solutions are ongoing--a constant effort to improve, protect, and streamline your print environment in a world where tech and needs are always changing.

In conclusion, managed print is a lot more than its myths. To set realistic expectations and get rid of some big concerns, it's important to brush up on the facts--and the real benefits.

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