Understanding Waste In Order to Save on Print


Print waste is real, and that's something most business managers already know. From pages that are thrown away to unused consumables, printing supplies to repair costs, printing is expensive.

Add in the value of employee time spent troubleshooting printers, ordering supplies, and working on general print oversight, and you might be astounded by the costs.

To fix these costs, looking into the waste will show you where there are savings to be found.

How Print Costs More Than You Think

Why does your print environment cost so much? Why is it a constantly changing amount, so that it's hard to plan and even more challenging to keep a set print budget?

There are a few things about printing that make it very expensive, most of which you can change with the right print management system.

High costs usually come from:

  • Supplies
  • Employee time
  • Repair
  • Excessive printing
  • Oversight

Ways to Save

The best way to save on print is to wrap all of the above costs into one managed print product.

That's right – managed print services will review each of the above issues, analyze cost, layout a print management plan, and then help oversee budgets and follow-through. It's the most effective way to make a change for the better in cutting waste and saving big on print.

Print Solutions for Any Business

Managed print services provide answers for any size business with any print environment. By addressing print issues from big to small, your managed print team will focus on your print environment in a way that you'd never have time to do and will result in significant savings.

If you've ever noticed waste or excess in print at your business, contact United Business Technologies to discuss managed print.