Want Improved MFP Security? Ask These Questions

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 02/09/2023 - 08:11

Multifunction printer security is an ongoing challenge--one that inspires businesses to think outside the box. If you're struggling to make any progress with your MFP security approaches, try asking yourself these questions to refresh your thinking.

Multifunction Printer Security, Simplified

Security of any kind is complicated and multifaceted, which means there's no "magic bullet" that will get you where you need to be. Instead, you need to focus on the right things and make sure you're using creative, effective approaches--because the key to MFP security isn't perfect. It's constant improvement.

Here are a few questions to ask about your MFP security approach:

#1: "Do we have the right printers?"

Not all multifunction printers have built-in security features and settings that make your job easier. Look for HP MFPs specifically, as this brand is known for its helpful defenses and security offerings.

#2: "Can we control who has access?"

Multifunction printer security is often about control. In this case, it's important to manage printer access--for example, by separating internal and guest networks. That way, customers and other visitors can't see or connect to your printer.

#3: "Do we keep track of MFP security trends?"

These days, multi-factor authentication and zero-trust security are high on the list of business necessities. What matters, however, is that you keep up with the research behind why these trends work--that way, you know how to implement them (and future trends) appropriately and effectively.

#4: "Do we believe MFP security starts at the printer?"

While a lot of multifunction printer security has to do with users, networks, and threats from the internet, it's often more efficient to start with the machine itself. That means focusing on software patches and updates, changing default passwords, using security settings, and taking advantage of other opportunities to ensure you're in total control.


MFP security is a challenge, sure, but not an impossible one. All you have to do is stay mindful and make active, effective updates to your approach--not just to stay ahead of the digital bad guys but to ensure that you're always thinking outside the box.

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