What Exactly Is Mobile Printing and How Can It Benefit You?

Mobile Printing

Mobile devices are used everywhere, and that's especially true in the office. With so many people using their cellphones, tablets and smart watches, it only makes sense that it would be convenient for them to be able to use those devices to print.


People certainly get attached to their devices, and this often explains how ubiquitous they are in the workplace when there often are computers provided. The Bring Your Own Device model, or BYOD, is increasingly catching on as employees are more comfortable with the devices they know. Having these devices during work and while at home also means that they can get work done from home after hours. When your company has the needed software to allow for mobile printing, they can even print in the office without even being there.

Easy to Use

There are plenty of types of software that come with a learning curve. There have to be employee training sessions, reminders posted and IT there to help with the problems that come from misuse. However, mobile print is exceptionally easy to use. Giving a basic overview of what the software does is often enough training. Since people are already so familiar with their cell phones, they will make use of the intuitive menu and print right from the first day. This saves your company training hours and printing costs from items being printed incorrectly. In many cases, using mobile print is faster and easier than working the printer from a desktop.

Better Efficiency

Think about to all the times that you needed something but the right employee was on vacation, homesick or on a trip for the company. Normally, people just had to wait until that person returned in order to get the needed documents. However, mobile printing makes it simple to send an employee a text asking for a document in the office and to then get a printout at the company printer. It rids your company of lost time when key employees are away. With this system, there is never a need to wait for a completed document.

If your business could use mobile printing, contact us today to find out how to get started.