What HP Knows about Print Security

printer security

As a leader in office technology and equipment, HP understands advanced print security and technology risks and mitigation in the most in-depth way possible. Because all devices are so intricately connected, HP is aware of potential exploits and risks, and works hard to address those issues across new features and machines.

Protect your Business

The HP multifunction printer is one of the most advanced machines available for office operations. Addressing a variety of office needs in addition to network demands, today’s HP multifunction printer is optimized to function at the highest level possible.

Security features are critical in today’s printers, and HP knows security. From encryption to printer network management, HP equipment can easily fit any large or small scale comprehensive security set up.

HP multifunction printers are also easy to configure with any security requirements that your organization may have. Network security, enhanced features, and other measures are part of the package and can be included when you talk to your print vendor about specialized security needs.

Secure Equipment Solutions

Additional solutions are available to secure equipment. From data encryption to password protection to network security advancements, remember to talk to your expert print team at United Business Technologies to make sure your printer has the right features to serve your business best.

HP Understands Security Needs

Knowing what a business needs for security solutions from top to bottom – from the first interaction with data to the last output, which is often printing – is why HP has stayed ahead of the pack in print security solutions.

To get your HP equipment and security features, talk to the team at United Business Technologies.