Why Managed Print Works in Education

printer in school hallway

Every school system in our country uses some type of structured print environment to communicate with teachers, administration, parents, and students. While printing is essential, it can be chaotic or complex when it doesn't have to be.

Budgets are tight in schools, which means that any print solution needs to stay within the bounds of affordable and efficient. That's why managed print might be the answer for your educational institution.

Managed Print Services for Your School

Managed print fixes problems related to inefficient supply ordering, difficult repairs, long wait times, unreliable printers, and excessive costs. By evaluating challenges in your school's print environment, the service can offer solutions and ways to improve functionality for all users.

Teacher's Reasons Why

Why do teachers love managed print? Here are a few reasons:

  • Managed print takes the question out of who will take care of supplies and repairs for the printer.
  • Teachers are short on time, so having a printer that always works when you need it to is critical.
  • The product is consistently high quality, because oversight of toner and materials is outsourced to professionals.
  • It's easy to understand printing costs, so if something looks off, administrators can just talk to the team.

Additional benefits of managed print include:

  • Sustainability
  • Less downtime
  • Predictable budgets
  • Major cost and time savings
  • Better productivity

Get Started

Managed print can take some of the extra work off teachers and admin assistants at your school - which does a lot to boost morale. Bring the idea with you this fall, and see how you can help make things easier. Contact United Business Technologies for more info.